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Author  Dennis Alexander
Publisher  Sentient Temple Press
Publication Date   May 5, 2001
ISBN  188053410X
Pages  152


Mayanism is a science/philosophy which incorporates the basic belief structure of the Mayan people of Mexico and Central America. The author Rev. Dennis Alexander lived with the Maya of Honduras as their doctor for three years. There, learning their shamans' ways he became "Brujo Blanco," White Witch Doctor and was awarded the title healer/shaman.

Rev. Alexander studied many of the ancient religions and philosophies of many cultures which he puts into practice in this book. The Maya practiced a magical philosophy which opened portals to the "Otherworld," which allows communication with the "Supernatural." This is explained in detail in this book. Also, included is a partial Mayan dictionary and calender. In addition to the written calendar a programed CD is included with each book. The CD with an installation program calculates any date typed in from 1900 to 2012. Installed on your PC it will automatically calculate each day sign when you turn your computer on, giving you a wonderful background photograph, the current Day Lord, and its numerical value.

A proper understanding of the Maya belief system, place powerful processes into the hands of those who would use them. Incorporating parts of this belief system into your own requires that you give up nothing of what you believe. If you are a Christian, understanding the Maya will broaden your religious understanding. If you are a Jew, much you will discover tracks the broad philosophical trends of Judaism. If you are a Moslem, nothing in Mayanism interferes with what is taught in the Koran. If you are a Buddhist, the Maya will add to your enlightenment.

Give up nothing. Study with an open mind. Place in your hands magic that works. It will enrich your life.

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