Early Times


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Author  Suzanne Strauss Art
Publisher  Wayside Publishing
Publication Date   January 1, 1993
ISBN  1877653233
Pages  184

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Beginning with the legend of Romulus and Remus and ending with the dethronement of the last Roman emperor in AD 476. The Story of Ancient Rome covers topics including the development of the Roman system of law and the principles of the republican form of government (with a mindful analysis of its transformation into an imperial bureaucracy). Descriptions of the gladiator fights and chariot races provide a taste of the seamier side of bread and circuses, while character studies of the emperors reveal how absolute power can corrupt absolutely. Throughout the text, the student's attention is drawn to Latin terms and expressions that have entered the English language.
The Early Times series is written for students in grades 5-8, each of the six texts in this series provides a comprehensive overview of a particular culture. The evolution of political thought, economics, science, art and literature are made to come alive for young readers through the author's detailed descriptions of everyday life and provocative portraits of key personalities. Every chapter is followed by review questions, Ideas to think about and Projects.

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