The Epic of Gilgamesh


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Publisher  Garnet Publishing
Publication Date   January 15, 2011
ISBN  1873938314
Pages  112

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This ancient Mesopotamian epic is thought to be 4000 years old and may rightly be called the Odyssey of ancient Iraq.

It has been placed by literary experts in the ranks of the world’s greatest literature. Believed to have been based on a real ruler from 7th century BCE, it tells a tale of a young ruler, his wild adventures with his raucous friend, his friend’s death, confrontations with enemies from the human, animal and divine realms and the tale of the Great Flood and themes of loss of innocence and the quest for immortatlity.

This important new translation is presented in verse form so as to remain faithful to the original. It is accompanied by twelve illustrations by the Iraqi artist Rakan Dabdoub.

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