Excavations at Ferriter's Cove 1983-1995


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Author  P. C. Woodman
Publisher  Wordwell Ltd
Publication Date   December 31, 1999
ISBN  186985733X
Pages  219

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A report of the excavations at Ferriter's Cove, Co. Kerry on the west coast of Ireland. What began with the chance find of a tang from a Neolithic knife, led to a major series of excavations from 1983 to 1995. This report outlines the history of the site's discovery, excavation methods, and the finds, concentrating in particular on the lithic assemablges. The site is important in our understanding of the Mesolithic - Neolithic transition in Ireland, and is discussed within the broader context of the prehistoric landscape. A series of appendices discuss specific aspects of the site survey, environmental finds, lithic analyses and radiocarbon dates.

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