Early Medieval Munster


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Author  John Sheehan
Publisher  Cork University Press
Publication Date   December 1, 1998
ISBN  1859181074
Pages  210

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Fully illustrated throughout, with maps, diagrams and photographs
"Early Medieval Munster" is a major contribution to the literature on medieval Ireland and Europe, and will be required reading for students, and researchers of the period.
The Early Medieval Period, c.400 - c.1200 AD, was a time of unsurpassed cultural florescence. It is an era which, despite the wealth of material culture which has come down to us, presents many intriguing enigmas.

The research in this volume uses recent discoveries made in inventory level county surveys, bio-archaeological studies, and from interdisciplinary studies which have successfully used linguistic and historical sources. Combined with critical developments in archaeological techniques and approaches, the material collected in "Early Medieval Munster" offers radical interpretations of new evidence, challenges our understanding of medieval Ireland and redefines accepted theoretical frameworks of archaeology. Subjects covered include early Christianity, architectural traditions, farming and food, medieval and Viking settlement, woodlands, High Crosses and the theory and politics of early medieval archaeology.

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