The World Jesus Knew


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Author  Anne Punton
Publisher  Monarch Books
Publication Date   July 31, 2000
ISBN  1854244957
Pages  272


The Bible speaks to all, but it is basically a Middle-Eastern text which reflects a culture very different from that in the contemporary West. The purpose of this book is to explain something of the beliefs and customs which lie behind the pages of the Gospels. Once the background is understood, people can start to appreciate what they read. For example, many of Jesus's parables are based on agricultural images which really make sense only when they readers understand the Oriental ways of working the land. Understanding the pageantry of Jewish feasts opens up a whole dimension to Jesus's ministry. Each chapter covers a distinct aspect of the life of Jesus: his home, his childhood, his clothes, his language, his prayers and his customs. The book should be useful as a reference tool.

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