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Author  J.R. Hawthorn
Publisher  Bristol Classical Press
Publication Date   July 3, 2008
ISBN  1853997188
Pages  232

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This selection of passages from "Sallust's Bellum Iugurthinum", reissued now after many years out of print, consists of the following chapters: V-Vi, Xii-Xiii, Xv-Xvi, Xx-Xxvi, Xxvii-Xxxi, Xxxix-Xli, Xliii-Lv, Lxiii-Lxiv, Lxxiii, Lxxx-Xcii.4, Xcv-Cii.4, Cxi-Cxiv. These are arranged in three main narrative sections: the Numidian Civil War and the appeal to Rome; limited intervention; and outright war. There is a substantial introduction on both Africa and Rome, giving the history and context of the war. Linking passages fill in between the selected passages of the Latin text. Finally, there are detailed notes on the text and a vocabulary.

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