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Publisher  Hambledon Continuum
Publication Date   December 20, 2006
ISBN  1852853743
Pages  376

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In the ancient world, cavalry was an important part of almost all armies, for scouting and pursuit but above all for its shock role in the charge. Its role has often been undervalued because of the attention paid to the foot soldiers of the Greek phalanxes and Roman legions, but there is no doubting its significance. Warhorse is a complete account of the use of cavalry in ancient warfare, from its training and formations to its actual use in battle, whether to carry archers or to press home the attack. Philip Sidnell traces the earliest use of horses for warfare and the evolution of chariots. He shows how cavalry tactics changed over the years, but also how they retained long-term characteristics, from the days of the Pharaohs to the end of the ancient world and beyond. Tactics employed by Alexander the Great or Julius Caesar would have been recognisable at Hastings.

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