Alexander the Great


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Author  Graham Phillips
Publisher  Virgin Publishing Ltd
Publication Date   December 31, 2004
ISBN  1852271345
Pages  277

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After a series of books investigating Arthurian and other medieval mysteries, Graham Phillips now turns his attention to the death of Alexander the Great. This great king (`ruggedly handsome with long, flowing hair', `a hardened drinker', and `a man possessed') had an ignoble end; `he did not die a warrior's death in battle, but expired as a baby in his own bed'. Phillips argues that Alexander's murder was inevitable from the moment that he left Greece on his campaign to rule the world and he considers each of the clues, motives and suspects. This fascinating page-turner is packed full of descriptions of physical symptoms and pains, plots and counterplots, and lists of deductions and clues, supported by detailed forensic opinions. The book is structured around chapters on each of the suspects, including colleagues, generals, wives and lovers, all of whom are vividly brought to life, as are the events that took place in Alexander's last days and hours. When all of the evidence has been scrutinised only one suspect is left. It would be unkind to give any more away!

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