Roman Cookery


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Author  Jane Renfrew
Publisher  English Heritage
Publication Date   December 1, 2004
ISBN  1850748705
Pages  96

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When the Romans invaded Britain in AD43 they introduced many items into the nation's diet which are still in common use today. As a result, it is possible to reproduce some of the popular dishes they enjoyed and this book includes over 30 such recipes including Meat Pieces a la Apicus, Sweet Wine Cakes, Milk-fed Snails and Patina of Elderberries. Perhaps the main difference in diet between then and now is the Romans great fondness for a strong-smelling sauce made from the entrails of fish which was used extensively in both sweet and savoury dishes! As well as the many interesting recipes, the book also explains the history of the Roman occupation of Britain and is beautifully illustrated with full colour and black & white photographs. It also reveals how the Romans cooked and served their food and just what a Roman banquet was like.

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