The Legionary Fortress at Wroxeter. Excavations...


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Author  Graham Webster
Publisher  English Heritage
Publication Date   December 31, 2002
ISBN  1850746850
Pages  293

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A companion volume to The Baths Basilica, Wroxeter (1997) and The Roman Baths and macellum at Wroxeter (2000), this volume focuses on military activities at the site. Excavations revealed evidence for the foundations and construction of earth and timber defences and an area comprising mess halls, barrack bocks and store rooms, built c.AD 60. Wroxeter was the base for Legio XIV and then later Legio XX before being finally abandoned in c.AD90. This report looks in detail at the history of the fortress and outlines the finds from the excavations: metal, bone, stone, pottery, lamps, tiles, glass and faunal remains.

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