Nasir Khusraw, the Ruby of Badakhshan

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Author  Alice C. Hunsberger
Publisher  I.B.Tauris
Publication Date   July 4, 2003
ISBN  1850439265
Pages  324

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A renowned poet, philosopher, and traveler of the 11th century, Nasir Khusraw was also a major thinker and author of the Iranian lands. Writing exclusively in Persian, his writings have been preserved through the centuries by the Ismaili communities of the upper Oxus and Badakhshan, now situated in Tajikistan and Afghanistan. This is the first comprehensive study in English of Nasir Khusraw's life and aspects of his theological and philosophical thought in the context of his times. Alice C Hunsberger, who has devoted more than ten years of study to this subject, also presents in this book a detailed classification of Nasir Khusraw's different writings, and a summary of medieval as well as modern biographical studies.

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