Comet Venus


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Author  Gary Gilligan
Publisher  Matador
Publication Date   March 1, 2010
ISBN  1848763093
Pages  244


In the 1950s, Immanuel Velikovsky propounded catastrophism in several popular books including the bestselling Worlds in Collision. He speculated that the `planet' Venus was in fact a former comet which had been ejected from Jupiter. Subsequently, 3,500 years ago, it made two catastrophically close passes by Earth 52 years apart. It later interacted with Mars, which had a series of near collisions with Earth ending in 687 BCE, before finally settling into its current orbit. Was Velikovsky correct, did Venus appear as a gigantic comet in ancient times? Comet Venus is the second book in the God King Scenario Series. The first book, An Ancient World in Chaos, presented a fascinating model whereby Mars, Venus, Mercury and the Moon played havoc with Earth for an incredible 3,000 years, coming so close they loomed larger than the Sun. In support of such incredible claims, Gilligan calls upon the most fascinating civilisation of ancient times - the Ancient Egyptians. He proposes that the divine god-kings of Pharaonic Egypt were first and foremost guises of planetary bodies as they appeared to move back and forth to Earth. He further proposes that these heavenly monarchs were represented by human `doubles' - mortal Pharaohs who were believed to be earthly manifestations of god-king planets. The primary objective of Comet Venus is to vindicate Velikovsky and conclusively demonstrate that the comet images on the front and back covers of this book have nothing whatsoever to do with the Sun! They are exact physical representations of the planet Venus as it took on the attributes of a comet in the skies above Earth only a few thousand years ago.

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