Horse and History


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Author  Mr Nigel Tallis
Publisher  Lund Humphries
Publication Date   May 29, 2012
ISBN  1848221061
Pages  272

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This beautiful book traces the history of the horse in human culture, and its representation in art, from its domestication around 3000 BC up to modern times. As travel is one of the defining features of human development, so the history of the horse is the history of civilisation itself. Entire peoples and cultures have been characterised by the horse and its central role in society, in peace and war, in mythology, art and literature. Lavishly illustrated with 200 colour images (including North Arabian rock drawings, Egyptian tomb paintings, Assyrian stone reliefs, Mughal miniatures, statuettes in gold, bronze and clay, horse harnesses, Chinese ceramics, European watercolours and oils) this stunning book celebrates the relationship between horses and humans throughout the ages.

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