Armoured Cars in Eden - An American President's...

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Author  K. Roosevelt
Publisher  LEONAUR
Publication Date   November 21, 2006
ISBN  1846770963
Pages  172

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Armoured Cars in Eden. A president's son at war in the land that became modern day Iraq. This is the story of a young American man serving in a little documented force in an almost forgotten campaign. More remarkably, he was from a background of military tradition and adventure and the son of a former United States president. His war was against the Turkish Ottoman Empire, his service that of a volunteer in the British army, his familiar locations Negef, Falujah, Baghdad - exotic place names once again familiar to Americans at war. His is a story of parallels and contrasts - of religious sensitivities, rivalries, civil unrest, occupying armies and conflict along the Euphrates and Tigris rivers almost a century ago. Roosevelt's experiences conclude in the Argonne at the end of hostilities.

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