Soldier of the Pharaoh–1650 BC

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Author  Nic Fields
Publisher  Osprey Publishing
Publication Date   November 20, 2007
ISBN  1846031060
Pages  64

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Osprey's survey of the soldiers of Ancient Egypt. The pharaohs of Egypt have captured the imagination of readers throughout the ages. Their existence and power have been given a mythical status. In this book, Nic Fields reveals the truth behind these myths, and explores the lives of the ordinary soldiers who were the might of Middle Kingdom Egypt. Using rare artifacts, he pieces together the day-to-day existence of the pharaoh's army, from archers and hand-to-hand fighters, through to the "sole-companions" of the pharaoh.

Quoting from ancient sources Dr Fields depicts the battles on land and at sea in dramatic detail, whilst all the time providing a rare insight into the minutiae of the soldier's life: from the food he ate through to the gods he worshipped. This book is a delight for any reader interested in the mystery of Ancient Egypt.

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