Byzantine Infantryman

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Author  Timothy Dawson
Publisher  Osprey Publishing
Publication Date   June 19, 2007
ISBN  1846031052
Pages  64

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Osprey's survey of Byzantine infantrymen during the Middle Ages. Having been trained to operate in small, highly mobile eight-man units adept at living off the land whilst on campaign, the Byzantine infantryman was a formidable foe. Built on a strong belief system that emphasized stealth, surprise, swift maneuvering, and overwhelming force, the Byzantine infantryman was trained in survival, sword, spear and archery techniques, as well as land and sea combat and fighting within the foulkon "turtle" formation.

This book, written by Timothy Dawson, an expert in the training and techniques of the Byzantine Army, details the everyday experience of the infantryman from his recruitment, through his twice-a-day training regime, to his encounters with his enemies.

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