With The M.T. In Mesopotamia

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Author  Lcol F. W. Leland
Publisher  Naval and Military Press
Publication Date   February 13, 2009
ISBN  184574134X
Pages  326

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During the Great War, as today, one of the biggest problems attached to fighting in the harsh terrain of Mesopotamia (Iraq) was transport and communications. This book gives a good idea of the difficulties involved. It is an account of the ‘sinews of war’ so vital to maintaining a viable military machine. The author was an officer in Mechanical Transport in 1916-1918; and his book is replete with placenames familiar to us in the 21st Century: Basra, Baghdad, Nasiriyeh, Tikrit, Kirkuk. Often hair-raising in its account of the obstances faced and overcome as the Turks were pushed out of mesopotamia and into persia (iran) this book comes complete with much raw information of the mechanisation of warfare in the early 20th century, and is accompanied by some fifty photographs .

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