Phoenicia: History of a Civilization

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Author  George Rawlinson
Publisher  I.B.Tauris
Publication Date   July 22, 2005
ISBN  9781845110192
Pages  374

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A Re-Issue of a Classic!
George Rawlinson's classic account of the Phoenicians, one of the most important and compelling of ancient civilizations--and one of the least familiar to the general public--is here reissued in its first paperback edition. Topics covered include ""Early Phoenician Enterprise"", ""Rise of Tyre to the First Rank Among the Cities"", ""Phoenicia's Contest With Assyria, and Her Position as Assyria's Tributary"", ""Phoenicia's Recovery of Independence"", ""Phoenician Manufactures and Works of Art"" and ""Phoenician Language, Writing and Literature"". This seminal work has provided the basis for much modern scholarship on the history and archaeology of the Levant.

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