Treasures of the Buddha


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Author  Tom Lowenstein
Publisher  Duncan Baird
Publication Date   November 1, 2006
ISBN  1844833216
Pages  224

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Here is a photographic celebration of the greatest Buddhist art and monuments—all placed in a rich historical and cultural context. These beautifully presented sacred treasures and relics paint a vivid portrait of this venerable religion, from its point of origin in northern India and outward, through the different kingdoms and empires of central, southern, and eastern Asia. Each region receives individual attention, with an examination of Buddhism’s influence on the area, its incredible legacy of artifacts and monuments, and the meaning of the faith’s exquisite devotional paintings and emblems. In close-up images see The Temple of the God King in Cambodia; an elaborately carved ivory netsuke—or Japanese miniature sculpture that was hung from kimonos and sashes; and a gilt statue of the Buddha himself.

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