By Nile And Tigris

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Author  E.A. Wallis Budge
Publisher  Hardinge Simpole
Publication Date   August 15, 2011
ISBN  1843822199
Pages  1074

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Sir Ernest Alfred Thompson Wallis Budge (1857-1934) is an important voice from Victorian England, whose life, publications and achievements continue to resonate today. This central work - first published in two volumes in 1920 to describe 'my three Missions to Mesopotamia in 1887, 1888 and 1890' and 'my many Missions to Egypt' - provides the modern reader with a remarkable echo of a long-vanished world, and the dramatic and romantic way in which archaeological finds from Egypt, Iraq, Turkey and Syria came to be treated, exhibited and understood. A compelling read for anyone with an interest in the ancient world of the Middle East, and indeed in the history of the British Museum. It is reprinted here in one volume as a companion to Mathew Ismail's intriguing biography, Wallis Budge: Magic and Mummies in London and Cairo (Hardinge Simpole, 2011).

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