Ancient Egypt


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Author  Lorna Oakes
Publisher  Hermes House
Publication Date   October 18, 2017
ISBN  1843095335
Pages  512


The allure of ancient Egypt has endured over many centuries - and this comprehensive volume offers further intriguing insights. It examines, in authoritative detail, the main sites, temples and tombs and investigates how mythology and religion underpinned this civilizations. The first section of the book looks at the tombs of ancient Egypt and devotes chapters to the most famous ancient burial sites: Giza, Saqqara and the Valley of the Kings, where the tomb of the boy-king Tutankhamun was discovered. The second section of the book investigates the temples, from the impressive mortuary temples of the pharaohs, such as Ramesses II, to the temples of the many gods and goddesses of ancient Egypt. The third section introduces us to the gods and goddesses, their characters and identifying features, the myths surrounding them, and their role in Creation. It then discussers the pharaoh as the human embodiment of a divine being and examines how the priests underpinned the divine order. The last section looks at the religious beliefs and practices that accompanied the ancient Egyptians through life and death. Elaborate funerary rituals offerings, festivals and superstitions reveal how far religion influenced and enriched the lives of ordinary people. With maps chronologies and color artworks supplementing hundreds of full color photographs, ANCIENT EGYPT captures the essence of this fascinating epoch.

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