Ancient Egypt (Book published January 1, 2002)


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Author  Lorna Oakes
Publisher  Hermes House
Publication Date   January 1, 2002
ISBN  1843094290
Pages  512

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Discover the world’s first civilization! This beautiful volume is a fascinating guide to the myths, religions, pyramids, temples, and more that make up the allure of ancient Egypt. Readers will gain a unique understanding of this captivating culture through breathtaking, full-color illustrations, in-depth text, detailed maps, and comprehensive chronologies. You’ll read about:
- Famous burial sites
- The mortuary temples of the many gods and goddesses of ancient Egypt
- Gods and goddesses
- Pharaohs
- Festivals
- Offerings
- Superstitions
- And more! An invaluable reference to one of the most intriguing periods of history.

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