The New Testament Code

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Author  Robert Eisenman
Publisher  Watkins
Publication Date   October 28, 2006
ISBN  1842931865
Pages  1120

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It’s finally here—and Eisenman’s many readers will not be disappointed! In this follow-up to his blockbuster biblical studies, world-renowned scholar Eisenman not only gives us a full examination of James’ relationship to the Dead Sea Scrolls, he also reveals the true history of Palestine in the first century and the real ‘Jesus’ of that time. It’s a work of intriguing speculative history, complete with a conspiracy theory as compelling as any thriller.
Eisenman begins with a question: “Is there a ‘New Testament Code?’” He proves that there is—and exposes the deliberate revisions, falsifications, and historical trivializations introduced into New Testament writings. In so doing, he identifies the Scrolls as the literature of the Messianic Movement in Palestine and “decodes” many favorite sayings in the Gospels, including “These are the signs that the Lord did in Cana of Galilee.” Offering a point-by-point analysis of James’ relationship to the Dead Sea Scrolls, he illuminates such subjects as the “Pella Flight,” the wilderness camps, and Paul as an “Herodian,” and demonstrates how, once we have found the Historical James, we will find the Historical Jesus.
Every page presents fascinating new insights and revelations that will leave Eisenman’s many fans enraptured. And because it will coincide with the release of the similarly themed film of The Da Vinci Code, interest will be high. 


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