The Quest for the Celtic Key


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Author  Karen Ralls-MacLeod
Publisher  Luath Press Ltd
Publication Date   June 1, 2005
ISBN  1842820842
Pages  424

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The Quest series from Luath Press continues with the quest for all things Celtic, an investigation into aspects of Celtic history that have previously been neglected or lost. History is a Quest, or journey, through time. Today, as never before, there is tremendous growing interest in the history of western traditions. Since devolution and the beginning of the new Scottish Parliament, interest in Scotland is growing tremendously.
In this ground-breaking book, medieval historian and Celtic scholar Dr Karen Ralls and local Scottish historian Ian Robertson describe the people, places and traditions associated with Scotland's past, exploring the history of the origin-myth of the Scots, the Declaration of Arbroath, the Stone of Destiny, Iona, the Picts,  the Druids, stone circles and megalithic sites, the Celtic saints, the Culdees, the Celtic church,  Scottish Arthurian traditions, the Holy Grail, the Guild traditions of medieval Edinburgh,  Robert the Bruce,  the battle of Bannockburn, Royal Order of Scotland, William Wallace, Rosslyn Chapel, and much more.
In addition to examining historical sources from library, government, and museum archives, or academic and rare antiquarian books, the authors also bring to light some of the lesser known aspects of Scottish history from credible sources. Appendices include maps,  comprehensive Bibliography,  chapter Notes, and Index.

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