Dynamics of Neolithisation in Europe

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Publisher  Oxbow Books
Publication Date   October 4, 2011
ISBN  1842179993
Pages  208

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Dynamics of Neolithisation examines the development of early agriculture in Neolithic Europe, drawing on the work of the late Professor Andrew Sherratt. His untimely death coincided with an important period of research that moved beyond searching for singular causal mechanisms behind the neolithisation of Europe in favour of developing a better understanding of the complex interrelationships of cultural, ecological, economic, and social factors. Andrew Sherratt's work is significant because it developed models for integrating the different evidential components and analytical scales involved in the prehistoric development of European agriculture. The essays in this volume examine such significant factors as plant and animal domestication, social organisation, the development of monumental architecture, exchange and social identity and the cultural transmission of technology.

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