Epigraphic Approaches to Indus Writing

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Author  Bryan Wells
Publisher  Oxbow Books
Publication Date   January 15, 2011
ISBN  1842179942
Pages  272

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Epigraphic Approaches to Indus Writing is a comprehensive look at one of the last undeciphered Old World scripts. It has defied decipherment for 90 years because of the terse nature of the texts and the lack of a comprehensive corpus and detailed sign list. This book presents the analysis of a comprehensive, computer-based corpus using the most detailed sign list yet compiled for the Indus script. Custom computer programs allowed the verification of the sign list and the compilation of statistics regarding sign distribution and use. Questions such as: How do you create an epigraphic database? How do you define a sign? What is the Indus number system like? Where did the Indus Script come from? and What is the Indus Language(s)? are all addressed.

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