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Publisher  Oxbow Books
Publication Date   December 23, 2013
ISBN  1842173855
Pages  486

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It is perhaps commonplace to say that India is one of the world's richest and enticing cultures. One thousand years have passed since Albiruni, arguably the first 'Indologist', wrote his outsider's account of the subcontinent, and two hundred years have passed since the inception of Western Indology. And yet, what this monumental scholarship has achieved is still outweighed by the huge tracts of terra incognita: thousands of works lacking scholarly attention, and even more manuscripts that still await careful study whilst decaying in the unforgiving Indian climate.

In September 2009, young researchers and graduate students in this field came together to present their cutting edge work at the first International Indology Graduate Research Symposium to be held at Oxford University. This volume, the first in a new series publishing the proceedings of the Symposium, will make important contributions to the study of the classical civilization of the Indian sub-continent. The series, edited by Nina Mirnig, Péter-Dániel Szántó, and Michael Williams, will strive to cover a wide range of subjects reaching from literature, religion, philosophy, ritual and grammar to social history, with the aim that the research published will not only enrich the field of classical Indology, but eventually also contribute to the studies of history and anthropology of India and Indianized Central and South-East Asia.

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