The Land of Assur and the Yoke of Assur

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Author  J. Nicholas Postgate
Publisher  Oxbow Books Limited
Publication Date   December 30, 2007
ISBN  1842172166
Pages  368

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This book brings together a selection of twenty-eight previously disparate articles by Nicholas Postgate that represent some thirty years of engagement with the nature of Assyrian society and government. Most are broadly synthetic and deal with general issues; they are a tremendous body of work, and this will be an invaluable collection for everyone interested in Assyria.

Contents: Land tenure in the Middle Assyrian period: A reconstruction; Some remarks on conditions in the Assyrian countryside; Royal exercise of justice under the Assyrian Empire; Princeps index in Assyria; Nomads and sedentaries in the Middle Assyrian sources; The economic structure of the Assyrian Empire; The place of the aknu in Assyrian government; A plea for the abolition of essimur!; Ilku and land tenure in the Middle Assyrian Kingdom: A second attempt; The columns of Kapara; First fruits and Tempel-Schuldscheine; The Middle Assyrian provinces; Middle Assyrian tablets: The instruments of bureaucracy; Employer, employee and employment in the Neo-Assyrian Empire; Ownership and exploitation of land in Assyria in the 1st millennium BC; The Assyrian Porsche?; The Land of Assur and the Yoke of Assur; Rings, torcs and bracelets; Middle Assyrian to Neo-Assyrian: The nature of the shift; Some latter-day merchants of Assur; Assyria: The Home Provinces; The Assyrian army in Zamua; Assyrian felt; Assyrian uniforms; System and style in three Near Eastern bureaucracies; Business and government at Middle Assyrian Rimah; Documents in government under the Middle Assyrian Kingdom; The invisible hierarchy: Assyrian military and civilian administration in the 8th and 7th centuries BC.

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