The Atlas of Lost Treasures


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Author  Joel Levy
Publisher  Godsfield
Publication Date   October 7, 2008
ISBN  1841813362
Pages  176

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Armchair archeologists, Indiana Jones fans, and hobbyists with metal detectors will all be intrigued by these accounts of fabulous lost treasures, some recovered in modern times and others still waiting to be found—both underground and beneath the sea. Here are the dramatic stories behind major discoveries, from King Tut’s tomb to Afghanistan’s Bactrian Hoard. You’ll also find unsolved mysteries, such as the disappearance of the Statue of Zeus at Olympia (once numbered among the Seven Wonders of the World) and the Ark of the Covenant. With historic photographs and detailed artists’ renderings, this lavish volume takes the reader on a global treasure hunt every bit as exciting as The Da Vinci Code—not in fantasy, but in fact.

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