The Atlas of Atlantis and Other Lost Civilizations...


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Author  Joel Levy
Publisher  Godsfield
Publication Date   August 1, 2007
ISBN  184181315X
Pages  176

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Was there once a civilization more advanced than ours, more technologically sophisticated, and more spiritually aware than our own? For anyone intrigued by these questions, this is the first definitive overview of the theories about the location of lost civilizations like Atlantis, Lemuria, and Mu. Each society is brought vividly back to life by exploring the history of their inhabitants and the mythology that has since grown-up around them. This compendious volume is divided by section to cover all parts of the globe and features lavish reconstructions, maps of possible locations, detailed annotations, with an overview of all the archeological evidence. Beautifully illustrated throughout in full-color, this is a must have for any history or ancient mysteries enthusiast.

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