Mounted Archers of the Steppe 600 BC-AD... (Book published September


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Author  Antony Karasulas
Publisher  Osprey Publishing
Publication Date   September 23, 2004
ISBN  184176809X
Pages  64

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For more than 2,000 years hordes of mounted nomadic archers from the vastness of the steppe and from Central Asia spewed out into China, the Middle East, and Europe. Feared and reviled, they were a formidable threat to the lands they invaded. Their influence on military history is incalculable: the whole foundation of late Classical and Medieval Western and Middle Eastern military thought was based on the reality of a highly mobile, tough and unconventional foe, one which could strike almost anywhere at will and with highly effective long-range weapons. This book details the history, weapons, equipment and tactics of these fascinating warriors.

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