Siege Warfare in the Roman World (Book published May 8, 2005


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Author  Duncan B Campbell
Publisher  Osprey Publishing
Publication Date   May 8, 2005
ISBN  1841767824
Pages  64

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Osprey's study of various siegesĀ in Rome, from 146 BC to 378 AD. Sieges were often pivotal in Rome's wars, including its conflicts with the Macedonians and Carthaginians in the 2nd century BC; the civil wars of the Republic; and the late Roman wars against the Sassanid Persians, who, alone amongst Rome's adversaries, were equally skilled in siegecraft. This book discusses the siege techniques employed by Roman armies and their opponents throughout the Republic and Empire. It shows that although the 1st century AD has long been considered the golden age of siegecraft, followed by a decline, new and effective siege techniques were in fact used in the following centuries.

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