The Culture of Thracians and their Neighbours...


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Author  Jan Bouzek
Publisher  British Archaeological Reports
Publication Date   March 15, 2005
ISBN  1841716960
Pages  282

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Papers from the Proceedings of the International Symposium in the Memory of Professor Mieczyslaw Domaradzki. Contents: 1) Urbanisation in Thrace (Jan Bouzek); 2) Pre-Roman Cities in Thrace and the notion of civic identity (Zofia Archibald); 3), Addendum on the inscription of Vetren: custom duties of the Odrysians (Louisa Loukopoulou); 4), Graeco-Thracian relations in the Upper Maritza valley (5th-4th c. B.C.) (based on epigraphic evidence) (Lidia Domaradzka); 5) The trade contacts of Pistiros during the second half of the 4th century B.C. (Valentina Taneva); 6) Die Metallerzlagerstätten im Pistirosgebiet (Daniela Katincarova); 7) Investigation and conservation of finds from various materials excavated at Pistiros (Emilia Ivanova); 8) The Earliest Mycenaean pottery imports in Bulgaria (Stefan Alexandrov); 9) Le sud du Budgeac au Ier millénaire av. J.-C. (découvertes archéologiques et interprétations historiques) (Valeriu Sîrbu et al.); 10) The fortress walls on the Nebettepe, Plovdiv, before the establishment of Roman rule in Thrace (Vera Kolarova, Mina Bospatchieva); 11) A pottery group with Geometric decoration from a Thracian site at Koprivlen in south-western Bulgaria (Anelia Bo§kova); 12) Pithoi from the archaeological site at Koprivlen (Veselin Hadjiangelov); 13) Palaeobotanical and anthropological analysis from the Koprivlen site (Gotze Delchev district)(Tzvetana Popova); 14) Das antike Straßennetz im mittleren Mestagebiet (Peter Delev, Christo Popov); The Thracian settlement on the Tsarevets hill from the 5th to the 3rd century B.C. (Bogdana Lilova); 15) Thracian tumuli in the Pazardzhik district (Nedyalka Gizdova); 16) The Mal-tepe complex near Mezek (Totko Stoyanov); 16), Tumular architectonic monuments from the present-day Bulgarian land (second half of the first millennium B.C.) and their relation to Thracian religion (Diana Dimitrova); 17), Problems of the social structure of the communities in Thrace and Illyria reflected in the burial practices of the 6th-4th centuries B.C. (Roumen Radev); 18) The horse in Thracian burial rites (Momchil Kuzmanov); 19) An attempt at characterisation of the slabs from the town of Razlog in the cultural-religious context of the Late Bronze Age in Bulgarian Lands (Svetlina Ganeva); 20) Cult places of the Thracians in the Eastern Rhodope Mountains (end of the 2nd-1st millennium B.C.)(Georgi Nekhrizov); 21) Contributions to the study of the Thracian cult practices of the 1st millennium B.C. in the Western Rhodopes (Alexey Gotzev); 22), Les depots dÆoffrandes du deuxième âge du fer dans le sanctuaire thrace de Babjak, le Rhodope Occidental (Milena Tonkova); 23), Das Heiligtum zu ebener Erde in einem der Tûme der hellenistischen Festung beim Dorfe Bosnek, Kreis Pernik (Venetzija Liubenova); 24) The pit sanctuary at the village of Koprivlen (Darina Vulcheva, Stoyanka Dimitrova); 25) The Beykush Sanctuary of Achilles from the Greek Colonisation Period in the Lower Bug Region (Sergey Buyskykh); 26) Celts in Thrace? A reappraisal (Vincent Megaw); 27) The Celts and the northern limits of Thracian coinage in Central Europe (Mariusz Mielczarek); 28) ôDer Schlaf von Orpheusö bei Thrakern und Kelten (Ivan Marazov); 29) Pontic notes (without notes)(Gocha R. Tsetskhladze); 30) Scytho-Thracian cultural contacts in the northwestern Black Sea Littoral (Eugenya Redina); 31) The Getae and Tyras in the Hellenistic age (Tatjana Samoilova); 32) The island of Thasos before written sources: recent investigations into the Palaeolithic, Neolithic, and Bronze Ages (Stratis Papadopoulos); 32) A new interpretation of the gold treasure from Dobroudja (IGCH 796?)(Boriana Rousseva); 33) Thracian coins from the Seuthopolis region recently acquired by the Historical Museum ôIskraö (Kosjo Zarev).

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