Roman Iron Production in Britain


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Author  Irene Schrufer-Kolb
Publisher  British Archaeological Reports
Publication Date   December 15, 2004
ISBN  1841716693
Pages  184

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Arguably, Britain's valuable and abundant supplies of iron were one of the principal attractions to its Roman invaders. This detailed investigation of the social technology of Roman iron production is based on an analysis of archaeometallurgical sites in the eastern Midlands (form the Humber to Oxford), which was one of the principal centres for ironworking during the Roman period. These sites are then considered within the wider picture of social and landscape development. Combining scientific and technological analysis with social history, the study initially explores the principles behind Roman iron production and the types of slag which are studied here. The author then compares the industry of iron production with others in Britain and how this industry was affected by the Roman occupation. Finally, Schruefer-Kolb explores the social implications of iron production for the east Midlands. Includes a gazetteer of sites.

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