The Minoan Pantheon

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Author  Marina L. Moss
Publisher  British Archaeological Reports
Publication Date   December 31, 2005
ISBN  184171397X
Pages  298

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Religion and ritual were an important part of life on Minoan Crete although identifying and characterising the deities venerated is not an easy task. This study undertakes an examination of such deities through investigating religious activities and ritual artefacts, iconography and symbolism at a range of site types: settlements and houses, palaces, sanctuaries on hills, caves and rural sanctuaries. Defined by the period from the early Middle Minoan to the end of the Late Minoan period (c.2000-1000 BC), Marina Moss discusses the attributes and symbolism of various Minoan gods and goddesses, whilst also using comparative material from elsewhere to attempt to identify them and assess the degree and nature of foreign influence on Minoan deities.

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