Roman Architectural Ornament in Britain

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Author  T. F. C. Blagg
Publisher  British Archaeological Reports
Publication Date   May 15, 2002
ISBN  1841712922
Pages  275

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This book publishes the PhD thesis of the late Thomas Blagg, widely regarded as the foremost scholar of Roman architecture and architectural sculpture of recent times. Well-written, clearly presented and well-illustrated, his thesis is a survey of decorated stonework that was used in the construction and embellishment of Roman buildings in Britain. After a brief look at the tools and techniques used, he presents a classification scheme and discussion of the different element, including decorated capitals, bases, shafts, pilasters and decorative mouldings. An invaluable collection of source material that combines a detailed discussion of the different elements of architactural ornament, with numerous examples, and a broader study of craft production, mason and techniques, and historical and social contexts.

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