The Water Supplies and Related Structures...

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Author  Alfonso Burgers
Publisher  British Archaeological Reports
Publication Date   December 31, 2001
ISBN  1841711896
Pages  254

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The supply of unpolluted water was of high priority throughout the Roman Empire and in Britain, as elsewhere, organised water supplies played a fundamental role in the development of forts, settlements and towns. This detailed and highly informative study gathers evidence from over 800 archaeological sites, including remains of aqueducts, wells, baths, drains, pipes, springs and tanks. Sections examine the validity of the data and the need to reclassify many sites due to their water features which have been neglected in the past. Burgers also looks at the logistics of designing and building the Roman water supply system, the engineering principles involved, the distribution of water-related features in Roman Britain and social and financial aspects of their construction and use. The database is presented in table format.

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