The Iron Age Settlement at 'Ain Dara, Syria...


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Author  Elizabeth C. Stone
Publisher  British Archaeological Reports
Publication Date   December 30, 2013
ISBN  1841711039
Pages  146

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'Squared limestone and basalt blocks of enormous size pave the approach to it, reliefs of lions and sphinxes surround its exterior, rows of lions in protome standing more than two metres high once formed the facades..' - the great Iron Age temple of 'Ain Dara is one of the most striking monuments of northern Syria. This volume presents the results of the survey project that investigated the area surrounding this monument in an attempt to provide a context for its existence and development. More than just a religious centre, excavations in the 1980s had hinted at a much larger surrounding settlement, something confirmed by the 'Ain Dara Expedition. Includes chapters on the methodology of the surface survey, the Hellenistic and ROman pottery, the excavated areas, ceramic finds, small finds, botanical and mammal remains.

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