The Construction of the Roman Legionary Fortress...

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Author  Elizabeth A. M. Shirley
Publisher  British Archaeological Reports
Publication Date   January 1, 2000
ISBN  184171058X
Pages  234

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This volume presents a detailed examination of the resource implications of building a large fortress, focusing on evidence from the unique site of Inchtuthil, Scotland, which was constructed and demolished within a period of only three years (AD 83-86). Elizabeth Shirley creates a methodology for determining the quantities of material and labour input required and the factors which affected construction. She then assesses additional structural aspects: roof-framing, roof coverings, walkways, flooring, lighting and ventilation and internal finishes. The majority of the study calculates quantities of materials, working methods and rates and labour requirements for work on and off the construction site. This includes large amounts of detailed information about a wide variety of structures within a Roman fort. The results are contrasted with other sites, including Strageath and Fendoch. Shirley argues that a study of the practicalities of constructing such a large-scale military building provides valuable information about the military advance into Scotland, the everyday life of Roman legionaries and their organisational and practical skills.

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