Kulubnarti III


Kulubnarti III: The Cemeteries (British Archaeological Reports International Series)

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Author  William Y. Adams
Publisher  British Archaeological Reports
Publication Date   January 1, 2000
ISBN  184171027X
Pages  88

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This third volume concerns the funerary remains from the site of Kulubnarti in the Northern Sudan. Graves from two different cemeteries, one on the island of Kulubnarti, the other on the adjacent left bank of the Nile, are described and discussed in terms of their location, descriptions of the grave types within their medieval context, the grave goods and analysis of the skeletal remains. In particular, Nettie Adams provides a detailed study of the well preserved textiles which ascribe to the practice of wrapping the bodies in cloth, sometimes secured with bindings, prior to deposition, occasionally laid on a woven mat. The two cemeteries date to the pre-Christian period and from c.AD 600 to recent times, respectively. Volume I of this report outlines the architectural remains and volume II the artefactual evidence.

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