Settlement and Sacrifice


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Author  Richard Hingley
Publisher  Birlinn Ltd
Publication Date   February 1, 2005
ISBN  1841583839
Pages  64

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There is a great deal of archaeological evidence about the human society of this period, but rather than merely listing this, the author weaves together information from excavations, surveys and studies into past climate and environment, creating a picture of the lives, beliefs, customs and achievements of those early inhabitants of Scotland. Designed throughout with colourful and detailed illustrations, Settlement and Sacrifice clearly describes the dramatic changes of the last thousand years BC. It contains in-depth discussions about distinctive features of the archaeological record and emphasizes that the lives recorded by these remains were those of ordinary people living in and changing the landscape around them. Included in the book are specially commissioned illustrations which show how these people may have lived, as well as a list of the later Bronze and Iron Age sites which can be seen around Scotland. This book is part of a newly updated edition of the acclaimed Making of Scotland series produced by Historic Scotland and Birlinn which provides lively, accessible and up-to-date introductions to key themes and periods in Scottish history and prehistory.

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