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Author  Stephen Barber
Publisher  The Tears Corporation/Creation
Publication Date   May 1, 2001
ISBN  1840680490
Pages  192

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Caligula: most notorious of the Roman Emperors, who married his own sister, installed a horse in the Roman Senate, turned his palace into a brothel, tortured and killed innocent citizens on a whim, and committed countless other acts of madness, cruelty and deviancy.

Award-winning writers Stephen Barber and Jeremy Reed document in full the atrocities of Caligula and also the other mad Emperors, particularly Commodus-villain of the recent Hollywood blockbuster Gladiator-and Heliogabalus, the teenage ambisexual "sun-god" whose arch-decadent proclivities would centuries later inspire Antonin Artaud to eulogise him in prose. The book also includes a visceral history of the Gladiatorial Games.

Caligula: Divine Carnage is a catalogue of transvestism, treachery, incest, torture, slaughter and perversity brought to life with superb authorial skill, making it a vivid and essential historical document of murderous decadence.

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