BOOK OF REMEMBRANCE (Book published November 25, 2018)


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Author  paul david brodt
Publisher  Independently published
Publication Date   November 25, 2018
ISBN  1791685145
Pages  68

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ONE SOURCE GOSPEL PREMISE & SUMMARY: The One Source Gospel (OSG) series rewrites the history books and reveals history in reconnecting the lost Noahide Celtic Israelite heritage with male DNA, exclusive overlapping alphabetic evidence in context to reconstructing the Celtic Apostles’ Source Gospel in a series of maps, charts, essays and Biblical Gospel reference work comparisons in conjunction with the Original Gospel Scroll Page Pattern.

Getting as close as possible to walking with MessIaH as He preached the Gospel to the Celtic Israelites, who had returned in order for MessIaH to preach to the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel in Galilee (Matthew 15:24). Knowing who all is really who -- then everything falls into place.

‘It only takes two generations to change the heritage of a culture’ as the saying goes. This is what happened to Celtic Israel and Apostles. Making it impossible to interpret and fulfill prophecy, the Bible, the Gospel, history or even current events without knowing who is really who.

We follow the Bible story and R-M269 DNA from Noah landing the Ark on Mount Ararat to Joseph “father of pharaoh” (Genesis 45:8) and the Israelite 18th Dynasty in Egypt where we find King Tut with his Noahide Germanic-Celtic R-M269 DNA.

After which there is the fall of the Northern Kingdom of Israel and the Southern Kingdom of Judah in the 8th and 6th centuries BCE, respectively. We then follow the Diaspora or Lost Sheep of the House of Israel Celtic Influx into Europe; and Celtic Expansion centuries later in order for MessIaH to only have to go to Galilee to preach to the Lost Sheep of Celtic Israel.

We track the overlapping alphabet from the Mount Ararat region to the Germanic-Celtic-Gaelic Runic, Cursive and Old English alphabets of Europe to and from the 1st and 2nd century CE Runic Jewish Revolt Coins of 66-135 CE, near the time of MessIaH giving the Gospel. Israelite Coins that are not in historians textbook ‘Hebrew.’

Afterwards, in the same 2nd century CE, Rome continued to press the attack as the Celtic Israelites were Lost Again, returning to Europe up the Danube River; while back around the Mediterranean Sea the earliest evidences of the first New Testament with four Biblical Gospels appears in Greek and Latin, and Aramaic as they “interpreted [the Gospel] as best they could” as Eusebius, a father of the early Church, puts it.

This relation and common Source material in the Biblical Gospels is what modern Biblical academia calls the ‘Q’ Gospel (‘Q’ for Quell, German for Source) – the Source Gospel that the Biblical versions were copied from; but not the same in content, and not in the same order.

The key to the Germanic-Celtic Apostles’ Source Gospel is the 10-15 verse cross-referenced OSG Original Gospel Scroll Page Pattern – likened to the number of verses on a 1st century column (or one-sided ‘page‘) in a scroll.

As the Church translated as best they could the Original Celtic “Apostles’ Gospel” or “Matthew;” however, not the Gospel of Matthew we know today; and not all the same Scroll Pages in the same way, and not always arranging the pages in the same order.

So we reverse engineer the Biblical Gospels to reconstruct the Celtic Apostles’ Source Gospel by (1) gathering essential clues from the earliest available 2nd century Gospels by comparing them to later versions used as the basis for translations today, (2) make composite translations notated from all versions that are then (3) used in conjunction with the Original Gospel Scroll Page Pattern to line up the Biblical Gospels back into the same Celtic Apostles’ Source Gospel Order for proper comparison.

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