Archaic and Classical Harbours of the... (Book published June


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Author  Chiara Maria Mauro
Publisher  Archaeopress Archaeology
Publication Date   June 12, 2019
ISBN  1789691281
Pages  128

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‘Archaic and Classical Harbours of the Greek World’ explores the archaeology and history of ancient harbours and focuses on the Greek world during the Archaic and Classical eras. Its objective is to establish a consensus on three fundamental questions: What locations were the most propitious for the installation of harbours? What kinds of harbour-works were built and for what purpose? What harbour forms were documented? These subjects have been addressed by evaluating multiple forms of evidence (archaeological, geographical, nautical, textual, iconographic and geological) in the context of the Aegean and Eastern Ionian maritime settings.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1. Account of Previous Research

Chapter 2. A History of Ancient Harbours up to 800 BC

Chapter 3. The Geomorphology of Greek Harbours

Chapter 4. Harbour-works in the Greek World

Chapter 5. Variation in Harbour Forms




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