Old Kingdom Copper Tools and Model Tools...


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Author  Martin Odler
Publisher  Archaeopress Archaeology
Publication Date   February 24, 2017
ISBN  1784914428
Pages  310

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The Old Kingdom of Egypt (Dynasties 4–6, c. 2600–2180 BC) is famous as a period of the builders of the largest Egyptian pyramids. It is generally accepted that the evidence on the use of copper alloy tools from this era is meager. Martin Odler gathers the textual, iconographic and palaeographic evidence and examines Old Kingdom artifacts in order to revise this view on the use of copper alloy tools and model tools. Furthermore, he provides updated definitions of tool classes and tool kits, together with the context of their use. Besides rare specimens of full-size tools, the largest corpora of the material have been preserved in the form of model tools in the burial equipment of the Old Kingdom elite and were most probably symbols of their power to commission and fund craftwork. Moreover, the size and elaboration of the model tools were probably connected to the social status of the buried persons. The long-standing division in the Egyptological literature between full-size tools and model tools is questioned. The ancient sources also enable to show that the preservation of material culture from the Old Kingdom was largely dependent on a conscious selection made within the past culture, with completely different settlement and funerary contexts and a conspicuous absence of weapons. The volume is completed by co-authored case studies on archaeometallurgy of selected Old Kingdom artifacts in the collection of the Egyptian Museum of Leipzig University, on morphometry of Old Kingdom adze blades and on the finds of stone and ceramic vessels associated with the findings of so-called Old Kingdom model tools.

Table of Contents

1. Limits of subject, chronology and chorology
2. Tools and model tools in archaeological theory
3. Tools and toilet implements in Ancient Egypt – history of research
4. Definitions of artefacts
5. Research tools
6. Copper tools in Old Kingdom textual and iconographic sources
7. Archaeological sources – material culture
8. Tools and toilet implements
9. Towards a semiosis of tools in the Old Kingdom culture
10. Conclusion
11. Case studies
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