A Study of the Deposition and Distribution...


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Author  Jason Lundock
Publisher  Archaeopress Archaeology
Publication Date   October 15, 2015
ISBN  1784911801
Pages  264

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By examining patterns in depositional practice as well as the geographic and site distribution of copper alloy vessels in Roman Britain, this book offers an analysis of the varying and divergent practices of material culture in the British provinces under Roman rule. The work also seeks to offer a useful classification system for the study and discussion of copper alloy vessels by adapting familiar typology as well as introducing new vocabulary. Analysis is given to patterns in the deposition of vessel forms during the Roman period in Britain as well as addressing their spatial relation to other objects and their use of decoration. Insight is also offered into the functional application of these objects and how changing culture practice led to the shifting of use from smaller vessel forms in the early Roman period to larger vessel forms by Late Antiquity. Additionally, the discussion offered in this book serves as a case study in the application of small finds research to the larger theoretical debates concerning Rome and its provinces.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction and Review of Previous Research Concerning Roman Britain and Copper alloy Vessels
Chapter 2: Materials, Methods and Approaches
Chapter 3: Structured Deposits
Chapter 4: Grave Deposits
Chapter 5: Site Finds
Chapter 6: Single Finds Reported through the Portable Antiquities Scheme
Chapter 7: Synthetic Discussion Addressing Research Questions 1-3
Chapter 8: Copper Alloy Vessels and Identity in Roman Britain

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