Warfare in the Age of Gaius Julius Caesar-Volume...

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Author  Theodore Dodge
Publisher  LEONAUR
Publication Date   July 16, 2013
ISBN  1782821589
Pages  344

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A two volume masterpiece on ancient warfare

Little needs to be said here about the fascinating era of the Roman Empire of the first century B. C., or about one of the most outstanding military commanders in history, Gaius Julius Caesar. The military history of the period has always had its avid students and enthusiasts. It also has its notable historians and foremost among these was former soldier, Theodore Ayrault Dodge who was probably the first military historian to walk upon the ground on which all of the events about which he wrote in this classic work took place. Dodge's grasp of topography and its bearing on tactical issues makes this work indispensible. The Leonaur editors highly regard Dodge's works on the great captains of warfare through the ages and our edition of 'Warfare in the Age of Napoleon' is already available. 'Warfare in the Age of Gaius Julius Caesar' is our second offering in the series and it follows the model already established by its predecessor. Based on Dodge's academically ground-breaking work, 'Caesar,' this unique two volume edition, like all of the author's 'great captains' series, benefits from numerous diagrams and maps that explain the campaigns, battles, marches, weapons, equipment, etc., in significant detail. The Leonaur editions have been substantially represented so that all the images-often small in the original editions-have been enlarged to the fullest degree to aid understanding. Volume two covers a five year period in considerable detail and concludes in 45 B. C., a year before Caesar's death. Chapters on Caesar the man and soldier and the art of war in the Roman Empire are also included. Highly Recommended.
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