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Author  Iamblichos
Publisher  Old Book Publishing Ltd
Publication Date   October 7, 2011
ISBN  1781070180
Pages  296

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... In the first place, it is to be taken for granted that there are gods. what are the peculiarities of the superior races, by which they are differentiated from each other? Are we to suppose the cause of the distinction to be their energies or their passive motions, or things consequent: or is it a classification established by difference of bodies the gods being distinguished by aetherial bodies, the daemons by aerial bodies, and souls by bodies pertaining to the earth? As the gods dwell in heaven only, why are invocations at the Theurgic Rites directed to them as being of the Earth and Underworld? How is it that although possessing power unlimited, undivided, and unrestricted, some of them are mentioned as being of the water and of the atmosphere, and that others are allotted by definite limitations to different places and to distinct parts of bodies? If they are actually separated by circumscribed limitations of parts, and according to diversities of places and subject-bodies, how will there be any union of them one to another? ...

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