Aberdeen in the Fifties and Sixties

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Author  David Smith
Publisher  JMD Media Ltd
Publication Date   March 21, 2013
ISBN  1780911149
Pages  216

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"Aberdeen in the Fifties and Sixties" is a beautiful collection of photographs displaying images of two of the most exciting decades Aberdonians ever lived through. It is a fascinating book that will captivate both locals and tourists alike. In post-war Aberdeen, skeletons of buildings bombed during the blitz were flattened, events such as the advent of the North Sea oil industry and the arrival of the first Chinese restaurant are all recorded here. The great exodus from the city centre got under way with major new housing schemes springing up all around the outskirts. This led to the bus becoming king of the road, ending the city's tramway era. Landmarks like Black's Building and Castlehill Barracks became a mere memory and the first high-rise blocks altered the city's skyline. Aberdonians shopped at Reid and Pearsons, Watt and Grants, all now consigned to memory. Brought together for the first time in this unique book from the photographers of the Evening Express, they paint a picture of change over a 20-year period that now seems as sudden as it was dramatic.

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